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Laughing Bee Orchid Seeds
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Laughing Bee Orchid Flower Ophrys Apifera Seeds

  • Laughing Bee Orchid's botanical name is ophrys bombyliflora
  • The flowers mimic the solitary female bee's appearance and scent
  • Laughing bees are native to northern Mediterranean region
  • Other names include bumblebee, Reinhold’s bee-orchid
  • Several flowers combine to look like a female bee
  • Nature's joke, the male bee thinks it's mating to collect pollen
laughing bee orchid flower
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Ophrys Apifera laughing bee orchid

The Laughing Bee Orchid is a unique plant that looks like a solitary female bee to attract a male solitary bee to its flowers. The plant takes it a step further by emitting the scent of a female bee as well. Once the male bee lands on the flower hoping to mate realizes it's no female then flies away full of pollen - nature works in mysterious ways.

To sow laughing bee orchid seeds, use well drained calcareous (alkaline) soil. Can be grown in a greenhouse year round or planted in the fall. Each package comes with 50 seeds.

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