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Happy Alien Flower Seeds

The Happy Alien Plant, also known as darwin's slipper flower, was first discovered by Charles Darwin while on a exhibition to South America. Once blooming the flower has a white "tray"...
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Hooker's Lips Plant Seeds

Hooker's Lips is an interesting flower that once fully grown looks like a set of voluptuous red lips. This tropical plant's flowers are actually produced within the red lips, where the lips attract...
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Dragon Skull Snapdragon Seeds

Dragon skulls, commonly known as snapdragons or dragon flowers, produces flowers that look like the face of a dragon that opens and closes its mouth when squeezed from the sides...
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Skeleton Flower Seeds

The Skeleton Flower, also known as umbrella plant, is a unique little flower that once rained on, the petals become transclusent as if they became glass. After the petals dry they slowly become...
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Blue Lotus Water Lily Seeds

The Blue Eqyptian Lotus is a famous symbol in Eqyptian culture. This sacred flower is a blue water lily known to grow along the Nile, but also exists in others in the world such as Thailand and South...
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Catnip Catmint Seeds

Catnip is an interesting plant from the mint family that can be consumed by humans or cat alike. Most cat have an innate attraction to catnip and will seek it out when smelled. Cats can...
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Tortoise Shell Elephant Foot Seeds

Tortoise Shell, also known as elephant foot, is a tuber plant that grows at ground level with layers of corky bark that has a pattern similar to a tortoise's shell. The plant that grows out of it is vine...
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Pampas Flowering Grass Seeds

Pampas Grass is a clump forming lush grass like foliage that can grow up to 10 feet tall. The leaves are long and slender with sharp edges. The flowers bloom out and look bushy from a far. Easy to...

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Dwarf Elf Sunflowers Seeds

The Dwarf sunflower is a fun plant to grow in pots or use as decoration around the garden. Dwarf sunflowers will not grow as high as regular varieties that can reach 15 feet high. The height of...