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Welcome to! Your local Canadian online store for rare and unusable plants from all around the world, to decorate your home or spruce up your garden with. You’ll find fun and interesting species to grow indoors or outside like the Happy Alien or Tree of Life.

All seeds come with free shipping, Worldwide. Orders are usually shipped within one business day after confirmation that your payment has been received. Cannot find a species? Please feel free to contact us to source it for you.

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Laughing Bee Orchid Flower Seeds

The Laughing Bee Orchid is a unique plant that looks like a solitary female bee to attract a male solitary bee to its flowers. The plant takes it a step further by emitting the scent of a female...
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Skeleton Flower Transparent Seeds

The Skeleton Flower, also known as umbrella plant, is a unique little flower that once rained on, the petals become transclusent as if they became glass. After the petals dry they slowly become...
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Dragon Blood Tree of Life Seeds

The Dragon Blood Tree is an amazing sight when left to grow for a long time. Every 10 or so years the branches split into two that over time spread out like an umbrella. The dragon tree has another...